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What Are Solar Panels?

Solar Panels simply convert sunlight into useable electricity. They are capable of coverting approximately 20% of the light energy that hits them into energy to power your business or home.

Due to greatly reduced installation costs and higher than ever electricity prices, returns are more attractive than ever.

Virtual Power Plants

Many commercial businesses have large areas of unused roof space, perfect for harnessing the power of the sun, and generating electricity for your business free of charge. Using artificial intelligence, your ‘virtual power plant’ will automatically sell excess electricity back to the grid, when demand is high, and prices are at their highest.

Can Commercial Solar PV be installed on Asbestos Roofs?

If your asbestos roof is in good condition, we can over clad to provide a durable, safe substrate for our operatives to work on. If the asbestos roof is in poor condition, and is a danger to others, we can replace the entire roof with modern cladding.

The photographs opposite show the various stages of installation of an asbestos over clad roof, from installation of rails, rolling out insulation, and the finished project, ready for installation of solar panels.

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Nationwide Solar Panel Installation

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