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Ensure your roofing system looks perfect all year round with our roof coatings and cladding repair services, we offer a selection of coatings, all of which will not only improve the appearance of your roofing system but can also make them durable over the year.

Guttering can collect a significant amount of dirt and grime, all of which can take its toll on your guttering system. We provide high-quality gutter protection with our range of treatments and solutions.

Cladding Spraying Solution are GIROMAX Approved Contractors and considered one of the leading installers in the UK.

Known for their specialist coating services, Giromax and HD Sharmans products provide the most efficient protection against UV and corrosion. Our team are fully trained in the application of the entire product ranges available for the refurbishment of commercial roofing and cladding, their products address the aged building envelope including the treatment of cut edge corrosion at sheet overlaps and edges.

They are so confident in their products they offer a 25 years guarantee.

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Cladding Repair And Refurbishment


We offer full roof and cladding repair and roof refurbishment on site, nationwide. All of our highly qualified specialists can ensure your roofing system is in tip-top condition in no time. Whether it is weather damage, UV light or corrosion we have extensive knowledge working within this field, so know the best treatment options to best suit your commercial property.

As roofing contractors, Cladding Spraying Ltd has over 25+ years working in the industry. Before any work is carried out, we will provide you with a site survey and quote for your chosen project. Get in touch today with a member of our dedicated team for more information on how we can improve your commercial roofing system.

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